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According to certain case studies and records, it is quite likely when a garage owner after having experienced a completely broken down spring, soon gets back to a website to find out certain maintenance and repairing tips about the same and try to fix the issue all on his own. Well, if you are able to understand the whole procedure and the correct method of spring replacement then it is well and good but there are several cases where have seen the garage owners had ended up hurting themselves real bad after not being able to carry out the task properly. The tension and torsions springs are generally capable of lifting 500 pounds of weight which can burst out at any point of time. According to our garage door repair Poway associates and expert advisers, it is very much important to determine the type of garage springs you have before you initiate the spring replacement task. The garage door repair Poway has a huge collection of springs for several garage doors including the extension springs as well as the torsion and tension springs. The extension springs are normally coil like structures that can expand and contract with the closing and opening of the garage door.

However, it is always recommended to contact and avail our spring replacement service form garage door repair Poway for a safe and secured spring installation and replacement because we do bother about your personal security and execute our project under complete technical guidance and assistance.